36th day. Ponte Ulla to Santiago de Compostela

Monday 2014-10-06

Walked from Ponte Ulla to Santiago de Compostela, 21 km

Started 06:30 and finished 11:00 in SdC

My last day proved to be another test of my motivation and stamina. Started with a long steep uphill, 220 m elevetation climb over 5 km. I don’t know how many tricks I have had to move myself uphill. Looking down and not look up, counting steps, get a special rhythm between breathing and frequency of steps. I try to walk without stopping to rest. It worked almost all the way, except the last big hill just before SdC. I was so tired I had to stop and catch my breath. My walking friends seem to have it a lot easier uphill.
We finally arrived to SdC. What a relief. I booked a hotel for three nights at Galician Square and went to the Pilgrim’s Office to get my compostela.


In the evening with had our last dinner together.
Michel, 65 from France
Kevin, 61 from Australia
Marita, 46 from Sweden
Tom, 71 from Sweden


35th day. Laxe to Ponte Ulla

Sunday 2014-10-05

Walked from Laxe to Ponte Ulla, 29 km

Started at 07:00 and finished at 12:40

Remaining distance is 21 km

Laxe is at 460 m altitude. We started by walking down to a river at 344 m and then up again to 495 m to Silleda, where we stopped for a coffee. Lot of climbing these last days.
Today I did well. I did not stop to catch my breath in any uphill today. I guess I am loosing weight and gaining some strength.
Last night in bed I was thinking of what I would like to eat when I am home again.

34th day. Cotelas to Laxe

Saturday 2014-10-04

Walked from Cotelas to Laxe, 29 km

Started at 07:00 finished at 14:10

Remaining distance to SdC is 50 km

Not much to tell this day. Just banging these last up hill battles, but soon it is over. Only tomorrow and monday morning.
Still good weather, but little rain in the afternoon.
We came to a hughe albergue, but no one was here. We had to call for the hospitaliero and finally at four o’clock they came.
Went to the bar nearby and Kevin and I had a late lunch, with both red and white wine.
Went to bed at 19:30.

33rd day. Ourense to Cotelas

Friday 2014-10-03

Walked from Ourense to Cotelas, 24 km

Started at 08:00 and finished at 14:45

Remaining distance to SdC is 81 km

Today we had to fight the steepest hill on the whole VdlP. In 2 km it had a climb of 280 m, 14% gradient. It was my toughest uphill battle so far. I hope the worst is over now.
On top we stopped at a nice place called Casa Cesar. One of those enthusiasts, who serve coffee and drinks. Takes photos of the pilgrims and put them up on his walls. All on a donation basis.



We continued 2 km passed the target in the book (Cea) to the next town Cotelas, where there is a nice hostel

32nd day. Xunqueira de Ambia to Ourense

Thursday 2014-10-02

Walked from Xunqueira de Ambia to Ourense, 22 km

Started at 07:00 arrived at 13:00

Remaining distance to SdC is 110 km

This morning I didn’t feel well. My stomach is not in order. I questioned if I could walk today, but I didn’t want to separate from my friends. However it worked OK and right now I feel fine. It was an easy walk today mostly downhill and the weather was a little bit misty in the beginning, but warmed up when we came closer to Ourense.


31st day. Laza to Xungueria de Ambia

Wednesday 2014-10-01

Walked from Laza to Xungueria de Ambia, 33 km

Started at 06:30 and arrived at 15:15

Remaining distance to SdC is 132 km

Today was another uphill battle, 400 m climb in 10 km. At the top in Albergueria there was a nice cafe, where we stopped for coffee. Then a long downhill to a town called Vilar de Barrio, where we had some orange juice. At this point we still had 12 km to walk to Xungueria de Ambia.
Some nice herreros (for drying corn) on the way.



30th day. A Gudina to Laza

Tuesday 2014-09-30

Walked from A Gudina to Laza, 35 km

Started 06:30 and arrived at 14:40

Remaining distance to SdC is 165 km.

Walked most of the day at 1000 m altitude. Marvellous views of the landscape. We walked 20 km at this level and then there was drop in altitude of 179 m down to a town called Campo-becerros, where we had coffee and something to eat.
The final stretch to Laza was 12 km downhill and we finaly arrived to a very modern albergue. So now we are at 468 m altitude and tomorrow we need to walk uphill back to 895 m altitude.
Spme pictures from todays walk.